What we know about Liam Gallagher’s solo album

When will he release his solo album “As You Were”? Well, it’s still a mystery, but considering that his tour dates start in June 2nd, I believe that until September we’ll certainly have it in our hands. Some fans say that it’ll be out in May — who knows?

But since April 6th, we’ve been flustered by Liam’s tweet confirming that he’ll be playing at Reading and Leeds —  and there was more: his official website liamgallagher.com was also launched that day. The fans who have an iPhone can also get a promo picture with Liam’s flawless face and the word “Bold” written below. But since it’s in the inter-freaking-net…


Liam had previously tweeted that the first single would be called “Not For Sale”, but it seems like its title is actually “Bold”, which will probably be first aired by Radio 2, if the people from live4ever board are correct.

We still don’t know what the cover looks like, and it’s certainly NOT the supposed leaked image from Amazon — I wonder if someone actually bought this crap. But a few weeks ago, Liam tweeted that he was heading to Paris to make the album cover, then he confirmed that it was “made up”.


>>> So, the title of Liam’s debut solo album is “As You Were”, and the first single is probably called “Bold”. You can check the tourdates on his official website: http://www.liamgallagher.com  

Also, Liam finally got a decent haircut — because that playmobil thing was just horrible, wasn’t it?


The colour, these bangs hiding his amazing eyebrows — sad!


Now we can see his flawless face, so much better.

Some fans also had the luck of meeting him —  if it happened to me, I think I’d waste my opportunity of taking a picture with him because I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than gazing at him.





Liam is fated to be handsome forever.

Can’t wait to see him doing interviews again, he’s got such a sharp tongue! I missed this man so much on the music scene. I love the songs he wrote for Oasis, and Beady Eye had a lot of great tunes (“Flick Of A Finger”, “Start A New”, “Four Letter Word”, “Three Ring Circus”,  “The Roller”, “Soul Love”,  “Shine A Light”), but it’s true that something seemed to be off with them, and I’m sure that these mistakes won’t happen again. Why? He’s got a good position in every festival he’ll play. Warner is certainly doing a better job.