What we know about Liam Gallagher’s solo album

When will he release his solo album “As You Were”? Well, it’s still a mystery, but considering that his tour dates start in June 2nd, I believe that until September we’ll certainly have it in our hands. Some fans say that it’ll be out in May — who knows?

But since April 6th, we’ve been flustered by Liam’s tweet confirming that he’ll be playing at Reading and Leeds —  and there was more: his official website liamgallagher.com was also launched that day. The fans who have an iPhone can also get a promo picture with Liam’s flawless face and the word “Bold” written below. But since it’s in the inter-freaking-net…


Liam had previously tweeted that the first single would be called “Not For Sale”, but it seems like its title is actually “Bold”, which will probably be first aired by Radio 2, if the people from live4ever board are correct.

We still don’t know what the cover looks like, and it’s certainly NOT the supposed leaked image from Amazon — I wonder if someone actually bought this crap. But a few weeks ago, Liam tweeted that he was heading to Paris to make the album cover, then he confirmed that it was “made up”.


>>> So, the title of Liam’s debut solo album is “As You Were”, and the first single is probably called “Bold”. You can check the tourdates on his official website: http://www.liamgallagher.com  

Also, Liam finally got a decent haircut — because that playmobil thing was just horrible, wasn’t it?


The colour, these bangs hiding his amazing eyebrows — sad!


Now we can see his flawless face, so much better.

Some fans also had the luck of meeting him —  if it happened to me, I think I’d waste my opportunity of taking a picture with him because I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than gazing at him.





Liam is fated to be handsome forever.

Can’t wait to see him doing interviews again, he’s got such a sharp tongue! I missed this man so much on the music scene. I love the songs he wrote for Oasis, and Beady Eye had a lot of great tunes (“Flick Of A Finger”, “Start A New”, “Four Letter Word”, “Three Ring Circus”,  “The Roller”, “Soul Love”,  “Shine A Light”), but it’s true that something seemed to be off with them, and I’m sure that these mistakes won’t happen again. Why? He’s got a good position in every festival he’ll play. Warner is certainly doing a better job.


Lana Del Rey IS the drama queen


See, I don’t care if she got a new name or how many plastic surgeries she had — if she had them! The things is that Lana Del Rey is a character, someone had this brilliant idea of making the perfect popstar girl in the age of hipsters, and that’s how we got Lana Del Rey.

Just like politicians are eager to say what the people wanna her, the entertainment industry madly want$ to give the audience what they’re looking for! Kids these days really love some drama, and if it comes with a vintage style, bringing back the aesthetics of the golden age of Hollywood — it’s simply perfect!

But since the so called rock ‘n’ roll style has had a major influence on popular culture — because unlike hip hop, rock music has made dozens of legends –, they had to add a bit of a rock and roll style to Lana’s image too. And that’s how we got her bad girl style. It’s not hard to understand why loads of young girls love her, because they all want to be Lana Del Rey! They’re easily hooked by her shite lyrics about dramatic romances, because — as I said — kids these days love drama! Not even falling in love is fun anymore, they gotta suffer to make it real, y’know?

How about her music? Could it be any more boring? I don’t think so.

It’s not because it doesn’t have the beats, but because her music is like a story of a fly who flies around the same piece of rotten meat, and that’s it. It goes nowhere. She is in love and she’s sad, or maybe she is so much in love that it hurts her, so she sad. Beautiful, young and sad. Gimme a break!

“I wish I was already dead… That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it. I would be scared if I knew [death] was coming, but …” – Lana Del Rey




But that’s how things work in the hipster’s world, isn’t it? Because if they weren’t hipsters they’d be listening to Taylor Swift, who is also young, beautiful, but she knows how to have some fun. But no, according to hipsters, only idiots have fun because life is pain — oh poor me!

Instead of taking advantage of their youth to fight to pursue their dreams, on the first sign of failure or frustrations, kids now are actually looking for a reason to victimize themselves so that people will take them seriously. Because popular culture loves depression or depressive stuff, doesn’t it?

I think I’ll never be a feminist

I’m not talking about the first-wave feminism, which primary concerns were legals issues like the women’s suffrage, no — I’m not such a big idiot to not be grateful for that. I’m talking about this fourth-wave feminism that is all about hating men to the point of telling people to kill all men and male babies!

What’s wrong with these women? I can’t believe they didn’t spend their teen years gushing over handsome rockstars/actors. By the way, isn’t that the fun of being a teen? In real life, we have the cute boys at school to look at, then when we’re lazy at home our screens and walls are full of handsome famous men.

I started with Chris Cornell on Audioslave, I think I was about 10 years old, but when I saw his beautiful face on “Be Yourself” I was like “woah, so that’s how an attractive man looks like?” Then my friend introduced me to Soundgarden,  so I started digging up some of his old pictures – he was so handsome, specially during his 30s. I think he’s a bit whiny sometimes, but I’ll leave it to another shitpost.

A few years later, I got into The Killers when they were promoting their 3rd album “Day&Age”. I thought Brandon Flowers looked too boyish, he still had a baby face (when it comes to fangirling, I’ve always liked older men), but as I started to nerd about them and read/watch loads of interviews, I fell in love with his personality. I liked the way he talks about his roots, where he came from, about his parents, his religion — I could relate to him in so many aspects. He’s been happily married for over 10 years with the girl he met in his early 20s, and they have 3 beautiful children. Can you imagine, a handsome rockstar who is proud of being a family man? I couldn’t resist.

Talking about a family man, it reminded me of Liam Gallagher. I grew up watching Oasis videoclips on MTV, I knew he was handsome, but I’ve been a little bit obsessed with him lately.

He has four children with four different women. Two of them were born when Liam was married, but not with their respective moms, y’know what I mean? Yeah, he was/is a womanizer, but I can’t blame him. He came from a turbulant family, then he became a huge rockstar in his early 20s — imagine being that handsome, very famous and making tons of money.  Of course there were a sea of women trying to chase him. But only two of them got a ring from Liam: Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton. Now, take a look at what his first wife said about him:

“We just clicked on every level. He was protective and loving. When we were together there were fireworks, and a chemistry that lasted to the end. I knew full well the temptation that was thrown his way and inevitably it caused huge problems between us.” – Patsy Kensit


Liam Gallagher

I think Liam might be that hot bad boy that every girl dreams of, you know he is trouble, but you wanna believe he can be only yours, until you wake up with your face on the ground.

I know there were great men in history, and they still exist. Men who challenged the human limits, there’s even The One that changed forever the fate of human kind, but these things are too complicated to talk about. I’d rather talk about rockstars and my unresolved teen issues.

So, I can’t imagine my life without these men. Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple of great female rockstars, but they still lacked one important thing: testosterone.

(I’ll soon make a post for each of them)

In love with Liam Gallagher


It’s true that Noel Gallagher was the one who wrote the songs, but if it wasn’t for Liam, would Noel have started writing songs or he’d be a roadie forever? Plus, Liam was the perfect frontman for Oasis. He had the voice, the looks, he embodied the songs in his personality, he was the face of the band.

Yeah, I know he’s foul mouthed, and that sometimes he acts like a real jerk – but one thing nobody can deny: he’s bullshit free.

Unlike most of artists and celebrities, Liam has never engaged in political acts like most of people does these days. You can say he has a huge ego, but he’s never acted as if he was going to save the world. All he claims to be is a rock star, and that’s what he really is.

And it’s true that he doesn’t have much patience with journos and paparazzis, but I can’t blame him – it’s never been more clear that these people are a bunch of liars, right? There’s this video of Liam picking up a fight with a paparazzi outside of a hotel, then he comes  over with his mother, he leads her to the car, then a kid approaches him asking for an autograph and he acts like a very attentious gentleman.

So while the media likes to paint him as an arrogant prick, I think he’s like that only when people ask him to be. I’ve never seen him being rude to his fans. And the way he treats his mother is a lovely thing. I remember he was once asked about the things he loves the most, and he cites his mom on second place — after himself, obviously.

Plus, we’re living in a very boring age. Everybody is too afraid of speaking their minds. The last rock star who I remember saying some meaningful stuff was Brandon Flowers, back when emo bands and anti-Americanism were trendy, but now he’s got way too nice. Reading interviews with bands is a waste of time now because they have nothing to say, that’s why their music is so boring.

So it’s refreshing to watch interviews with Noel and Liam, they’re so witty and savage. If only Noel hadn’t said that Chris Martin can write great tunes, I’d still believe he’s also bullshit free. If Chris Martin can write good music, then tell me why Coldplay now sounds like Chris Martin ft. randomNordicDJ. Pressure from the record label? But if they’re so great, why the submission?

And about his voice — well, time is merciless to everyone. Chris Cornell, who also had a very loud voice in the 90s, had to replace his larynx in 2000. He also lost his vocal range, it doesn’t sound as bright and powerful as it used to, but it’s still great. Same thing about Liam. I heard him on Beady Eye doing some acoustic sessions, and his voice was pretty fine. I love his voice, it’s aggressive and incredibly energetic, it’s perfect.

I love Liam Gallagher. Never fails to make me smile. Plus, he is quite good looking — I just wonder what happened to his hair after the mid 2000s.


Music is so boring

Maybe it’s me getting old, or the music scene is really boring lately. I remember when I was a kid and The Strokes was happening, and there were also another great bands like Audioslave, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Kasabian. But now, I go to NME.com only to find some boring and unknown bands, or to read about another celebrity “blasting Donald Trump”.


That’s the frontpage of NME now

I often visit the Bandcamp website or Soundcloud to find something new and interesting, but all I get is a drum machine with some boring melodies over it. The songs are so anemic and empty that this feeling of void is more unsettling than any Nine Inch Nails songs – Trent Reznor is a master at making dark and aggressive songs, but he’s never meaningless.

Then I see these new pop stars, whose names I’ve even forgotten because they all sound the same, they were probably produced by the same Swedish guys.  But again, they’re singing about nothing!

I’m lying, they’re all about “love”, which actually means pure lust, in its ugliest form.

Just like Lana Del Rey, I was trying to listen to her new song, “Love”, and it’s deadly boring! Oh my goodness!!! The thing about Lana is her image, she could sing anything, as long as it resonates with her image, which is the ideal pop star in the age of hipsters. That very artificial retro/vintage vibe mixed with the sex appeal of a drunk and tired Britney Spears – that’s Lana Del Rey!

I heard that record companies these days would rather put their money on some old band, even if they have to reunite the members just to play in a festival and make a record out of it, than signing new artists. Can’t blame them!


And if it’s true that robots will soon star writing music, I can see it happening any day now.