Lana Del Rey IS the drama queen


See, I don’t care if she got a new name or how many plastic surgeries she had — if she had them! The things is that Lana Del Rey is a character, someone had this brilliant idea of making the perfect popstar girl in the age of hipsters, and that’s how we got Lana Del Rey.

Just like politicians are eager to say what the people wanna her, the entertainment industry madly want$ to give the audience what they’re looking for! Kids these days really love some drama, and if it comes with a vintage style, bringing back the aesthetics of the golden age of Hollywood — it’s simply perfect!

But since the so called rock ‘n’ roll style has had a major influence on popular culture — because unlike hip hop, rock music has made dozens of legends –, they had to add a bit of a rock and roll style to Lana’s image too. And that’s how we got her bad girl style. It’s not hard to understand why loads of young girls love her, because they all want to be Lana Del Rey! They’re easily hooked by her shite lyrics about dramatic romances, because — as I said — kids these days love drama! Not even falling in love is fun anymore, they gotta suffer to make it real, y’know?

How about her music? Could it be any more boring? I don’t think so.

It’s not because it doesn’t have the beats, but because her music is like a story of a fly who flies around the same piece of rotten meat, and that’s it. It goes nowhere. She is in love and she’s sad, or maybe she is so much in love that it hurts her, so she sad. Beautiful, young and sad. Gimme a break!

“I wish I was already dead… That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it. I would be scared if I knew [death] was coming, but …” – Lana Del Rey




But that’s how things work in the hipster’s world, isn’t it? Because if they weren’t hipsters they’d be listening to Taylor Swift, who is also young, beautiful, but she knows how to have some fun. But no, according to hipsters, only idiots have fun because life is pain — oh poor me!

Instead of taking advantage of their youth to fight to pursue their dreams, on the first sign of failure or frustrations, kids now are actually looking for a reason to victimize themselves so that people will take them seriously. Because popular culture loves depression or depressive stuff, doesn’t it?