Getting rid of my wisdom teeth was amazing!


Before I had my wisdom teeth out on previous year, I read and watched loads of people telling their experiences, as if it was a terribly painful and traumatic procedure. Well, both of my bottom 3rd molars were impacted and very close to a nerve, and my right upper tooth was inverted — yes, the crown was pointed upward and root was downward. But — guess what? — luckily,  it wasn’t as terrible as the stories I’ve heard.

My dentist didn’t want to remove all of the 4 teeth at once because he said the recovery would be more quick. And it really was, on the 3rd days after every surgery, I was already feeling normal and I was more than happy for having to eat gnocchi and pasta on every meal, and I could also had a licence to play Rollercoaster Tycoon the whole day. Why would I complain about it?! I had some real great days!

But let’s talk about the surgery. I was awake during the whole thing, I felt my dentist drilling my bones, I saw blood (and tiny pieces bones) flying all over the place, and I also saw him giving a free lecture about surgery to my brother, who is a young dentist. Considering that he talked to me for quite some time after he gave me (the local) anesthesia, the procedure took less than 30min.

When I got home, my brother bought me chocolate icecream to help stop the bleeding, which was great because I didn’t have to chew it — my jaw was kinda sore. After the anesthesia worn off, I could feel the area throbbing, but it didn’t really hurt, acetaminophen was enough for me. And considering that the surgery happened at 9:30 am,  after 10pm I didn’t need to take the painkiller anymore.

Now the worst part of removing the wisdom teeth is that I couldn’t really brush my teeth on the first day for two reasons: I struggled to put a spoon in my mouth, imagine when I tried to brush it, and I was also afraid of damaging the area. So imagine how my tongue was after having yogurt and icecream the whole day? Yuck.But I brushed where I could reach, but I could feel the nauseating smell of blood and stuff coming from the bottom of my tongue — and that’s what bothered me the most. Thankfully I solved this problem on the next day, when my jaw was almost normal.

Did I have any bruising? Well, it got a little bit swollen and there was a yellowish bruise, but because my dentist told me to take dexamethose before the surgery, it didn’t get much worse than that. The only problem I had when I removed the inverted teeth was that I got some tinnitus and I felt a bit dizzy, but it went away on the 3rd day.

Now let’s talk food!

The thing I feared the most is having a dry socket, so I was really paranoid about eating the right food. When I removed the other 3rd molar, I had bought a strawberry icecream, but I didn’t know that there was actual pieces of strawberry with its tiny little seeds — I got so disappointed that I couldn’t eat it. Also, when I had pasta, my mom removed the tomatoes seeds and the tiny pieces of garlic, onions, rosemary…

Now, what I also loved was to have a simple mix of avocado and milk. It’s so tasty and made me feel full for a long time. But I only started eating pasta, gnocchi, and avocado on the 2nd day because I thought it was too risky to have them on the first day, which was basically all about frozen yogurt and icecream. I loved it!

So I have no traumatic memories about my wisdom teeth extraction: the food was nice and I got to play videogames the whole day — sweet childhood memories.

And as I said, one of the teeth was inverted, but it went all ok, just like the other three — thank God! My family is very lucky to know such a great and blessed professional. I’m aware of all the possible complications that I could’ve had, and I’ve seen a lot of people having some real bad experience, and I feel really sorry for them.

I’m lucky for having actual good memories about my wisdom teeth extrations, and I hope that — if there’s anyone reading it — that y’all have a experience similar to mine. 😉