Maybe that’s why The Walking Dead’s ratings keep dropping.

Well, what do I know, right? But as a fan, I think I understand why some people lost their interest in one of the most popular tv shows of the past years. Nothing has really happened since Negan arrived in The Walking Dead, it’s been all about the characters inner conflicts. It was first about when Rick Grimes would get his shit together. Now it seems like it’s an endless foreplay to finally attack Negan — too boring for the apocalypse.

According to, The Walking Dead ratings of the last episodes were similar to the numbers of 2012, when the show focused on Andrea having a fling with the Governor. On the other hand, the ratings peaked during the 5th season. Why?

See, I don’t blame Negan — I mean, if the show survived to Lori, why wouldn’t people want to see this savage guy? But the first episodes of the 7th season were all about Rick Grimes choosing to be a loser, while Daryl Dixon was basically turned into Negan’s slave, and on the top of it, Carol decided to become a hobbit — if she could, she’d be living in a hole, isolated from everyone, and she’s always at home at dinnertime and she really doesn’t want to in an adventure. Gimme a break!

This whole scenario is the opposite of what we saw in Alexandria, when Rick Grimes was the real alpha male of the show. He took the responsability for the safety of that place, where people lived in a dreamy land in the middle of the apocalypse — Rick Grimes was the man. Like a lot of people said, he was acting a bit like Shane, that guy who was so done with the bullshit during the 2nd season, that he broke into Hershel’s barn, solving two problems at once: they found Sophia and they killed the damn walkers, including Carol’s daughter.


That’s what we wanna see: mad Rick Grimes doing thangs and stuff.

And this whole Richonne thing is very cute and stuff — of course it was nice to see Andrew Lincoln’s bare back — but spending a whole episode (“Say Yes”) focusing on how great they are together was already boring, and on the top of, we had to deal with a CGI deer that soon became a joke on Twitter.


Mean fans

Not only that, how about that ugly green screen on “New Best Friends”? The episode was kinda nice, though. The silly haircut of that crazy woman who lives in a pile of trash amused me throughout the episode.


It looks like those 90s videoclips, doesn’t it?


Glenn isn’t dead \o/

And why they don’t make episodes with all the main characters anymore? Are they trying to cut off some budget or something, so they only have to pay one or two actors per episode, instead of half a dozen of them? It’s been quite a few episodes since we don’t see Rick, Daryl and Carol sharing the screen, hasn’t it?

By the way, I bet that tonight’s episode will be all about Carol, that boring dude with a stick, Morgan, and the crazy man who calls himself King Ezekiel. It’ll be soOo nice. Nevermind that Eugene episode which could’ve been shortened to a few minutes.

As I said, what do I know? I’m just a watcher.


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