In love with Liam Gallagher


It’s true that Noel Gallagher was the one who wrote the songs, but if it wasn’t for Liam, would Noel have started writing songs or he’d be a roadie forever? Plus, Liam was the perfect frontman for Oasis. He had the voice, the looks, he embodied the songs in his personality, he was the face of the band.

Yeah, I know he’s foul mouthed, and that sometimes he acts like a real jerk – but one thing nobody can deny: he’s bullshit free.

Unlike most of artists and celebrities, Liam has never engaged in political acts like most of people does these days. You can say he has a huge ego, but he’s never acted as if he was going to save the world. All he claims to be is a rock star, and that’s what he really is.

And it’s true that he doesn’t have much patience with journos and paparazzis, but I can’t blame him – it’s never been more clear that these people are a bunch of liars, right? There’s this video of Liam picking up a fight with a paparazzi outside of a hotel, then he comes  over with his mother, he leads her to the car, then a kid approaches him asking for an autograph and he acts like a very attentious gentleman.

So while the media likes to paint him as an arrogant prick, I think he’s like that only when people ask him to be. I’ve never seen him being rude to his fans. And the way he treats his mother is a lovely thing. I remember he was once asked about the things he loves the most, and he cites his mom on second place — after himself, obviously.

Plus, we’re living in a very boring age. Everybody is too afraid of speaking their minds. The last rock star who I remember saying some meaningful stuff was Brandon Flowers, back when emo bands and anti-Americanism were trendy, but now he’s got way too nice. Reading interviews with bands is a waste of time now because they have nothing to say, that’s why their music is so boring.

So it’s refreshing to watch interviews with Noel and Liam, they’re so witty and savage. If only Noel hadn’t said that Chris Martin can write great tunes, I’d still believe he’s also bullshit free. If Chris Martin can write good music, then tell me why Coldplay now sounds like Chris Martin ft. randomNordicDJ. Pressure from the record label? But if they’re so great, why the submission?

And about his voice — well, time is merciless to everyone. Chris Cornell, who also had a very loud voice in the 90s, had to replace his larynx in 2000. He also lost his vocal range, it doesn’t sound as bright and powerful as it used to, but it’s still great. Same thing about Liam. I heard him on Beady Eye doing some acoustic sessions, and his voice was pretty fine. I love his voice, it’s aggressive and incredibly energetic, it’s perfect.

I love Liam Gallagher. Never fails to make me smile. Plus, he is quite good looking — I just wonder what happened to his hair after the mid 2000s.



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