Music is so boring

Maybe it’s me getting old, or the music scene is really boring lately. I remember when I was a kid and The Strokes was happening, and there were also another great bands like Audioslave, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Kasabian. But now, I go to only to find some boring and unknown bands, or to read about another celebrity “blasting Donald Trump”.


That’s the frontpage of NME now

I often visit the Bandcamp website or Soundcloud to find something new and interesting, but all I get is a drum machine with some boring melodies over it. The songs are so anemic and empty that this feeling of void is more unsettling than any Nine Inch Nails songs – Trent Reznor is a master at making dark and aggressive songs, but he’s never meaningless.

Then I see these new pop stars, whose names I’ve even forgotten because they all sound the same, they were probably produced by the same Swedish guys.  But again, they’re singing about nothing!

I’m lying, they’re all about “love”, which actually means pure lust, in its ugliest form.

Just like Lana Del Rey, I was trying to listen to her new song, “Love”, and it’s deadly boring! Oh my goodness!!! The thing about Lana is her image, she could sing anything, as long as it resonates with her image, which is the ideal pop star in the age of hipsters. That very artificial retro/vintage vibe mixed with the sex appeal of a drunk and tired Britney Spears – that’s Lana Del Rey!

I heard that record companies these days would rather put their money on some old band, even if they have to reunite the members just to play in a festival and make a record out of it, than signing new artists. Can’t blame them!


And if it’s true that robots will soon star writing music, I can see it happening any day now.


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